BLOG: Orders are arriving, first iteration PCB's will be coming soon!

Electrical components as well as the cameras and telescope are ordered and slowly arriving.

Orders are arriving, building and testing can finally begin!

IRISC is happy that the first list of components are arriving. The cameras are in and ready to be tested. The telescope is ordered and on its way to our University. These components are the most important for our project and the rest of the project is buildt around these components. Therefore, we are happy to finally be able to start testing! This is the part of the project many IRISC members were looking forward to.

Components electrical cameras

First iteration PCB's!

Also, the electrical components needed for the first iteration of PCB's are in. The first iteration will be done with homemade PCB's where one is designed for each electrical subsystem. This iteration won't be sent up on the balloon but are to prove that the electrical design is able to track the celestial bodies with the accuracy needed and defined in the requirements. As well as testing the interface between the electrical and software systems. The second iteration will be the version that is sent into space! The components on this iteration will be mounted on a proper PCB.

PCB electrical

Posted by Elrick on the 2nd of April.