BLOG: Power

A post about an important subsystem, power!

The power system

Most people will probably think that the telescope or the gimbal system of our instrument is the coolest part of IRISC, which it may be. But, nothing will work without the power system. The power works a little bit like the heart of the instrument. The power system needs to be able to supply enough power for every subsystem throughout the whole flight. Too much would burn the components but too little would result in an undesired behavior of the instrument.

If one would continue with the “IRISC body” symbolics then the rest of the electronics would be like the blood circulatory system of IRISC, the software would be the brain, the mechanics would be the skeletons, the telescope and cameras would be the eyes. No part would be anything without the others. What would a heart be without system to pump the blood through? And what would be the purpose to pump the blood through the circulatory system if no one or nothing needs it? It is not until they can work together as one unit that one has something really cool.

So how is the power system designed? Well, the gondola that IRISC will be placed on, will have a battery package available for us. Thus the power system only need to be step down and divide the voltage to fulfill every subsystem power needs. Although our instrument is very sensitive to noise thus the power system will require several filtering capacitors to reduce the as much of the noise as possible. The power system will step down the battery voltage to three different voltages, 3.3V, 5V and 12V. Stay tooned for more details on the power system and the IRISC experiment!

Electrical architecture context diagram

Posted by Sabina on the 24th of April.