BLOG: CDR Soldering

Soldering course during the CDR.

The power system

The IRISC team was asked to send down one member of the team to the Netherlands to attend the Bexus soldering course. This time the team send me, Sabina from the electrical team. So last sunday I traveled to Leiden, got a good night sleep and then went to ESTEC where the course was held by the experienced ESA expert Mr Koen Debeule. The course was both educational and fun! We learned what to think about and some tricks for when one is soldering. Now we are all soldering experts ;)

Soldering respresentatives BEXUS

Here is a picture of all the representatives from BECUS 28/29 who attended the BEXUS soldering course with their own PCBs.

Posted by Sabina on the 15th of May.