Scientific objective

The scientific objective of the IRISC experiment.

Scientific objectives

The aim of the experiment is to take pictures in the near infrared (NIR) spectrum of astronomical targets outside the solar system for image analysis. The IR camera will be stabilized by a gimbal.

The objectives of the experiment are:

  • Prove the feasibility of a low-cost IR telescope with gimbal stabilization system on a balloon and compare the results with the images acquired by ground-based and space-based telescopes.
  • Study the performance of the IR camera by making multiple pictures with different settings. For instance long exposure of the camera compared to integration of multiple pictures afterwards.
  • Study well-characterised astronomical targets, outside of the solar system that are interesting in the NIR spectrum and comparing our findings to existing data.
  • Verify and study the control system for the gimbal that will be developed during this project.

Data analysis

  • Compare the obtained images as follows:
    • made on the ground by the same camera.
    • taken with an orbital telescope.
    • taken with a ground based telescope
  • Determine and compare the signal to noise ratio of the obtained images to those above.
  • Obtaining and studying the heat map of certain astronomical targets.
  • Population studies on star cluster images.
  • Evaluate the performance of the stabilization system.